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Description Zaritskaya MEDICINE old age

If euthanasia is banned in the country, it does not mean that it is not.

Be sure there are those who for the money stops suffering hopelessly sick

people, as did the "Academic" and its people.

But there are those who will selflessly fight for the legalization of euthanasia.

as "Desveshery." They will make their voices heard.

Now anyone can leave this world

painlessly and with dignity, and not as an outcast leper or in full

alone. Society has learned to respect the choice of the people.

In special centers, professionals help people back to life.

And if this is not possible, it is still helping ...

Additional information

Whodunit "The cure for old age"

about the problems of suicide and euthanasia.

Authors Larisa and Oleg Zaritskaya

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