War Elephants

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Description War Elephants

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Few people think about the fact that throughout the history of the wars of mankind, only an elephant was used in battles as a combat unit. The horse can hardly be considered an active participant in the battles - rather, it was a vehicle for delivering the warrior to the place of battle. Despite the fact that fighting dogs were used in a number of countries, they had practically no significant effect on the outcome of the battle. It should be borne in mind that like horses, dogs were pets, while an elephant was wild in nature. In order for him to become a full-fledged fighter, he should first be caught, tamed, and then brought up a warrior from him.
   Quite often, elephants were used in battles in the Mediterranean. In such battles, they could be described as "walking tanks" - partly due to the rarity of use in the army. On the contrary, in Asian countries, elephants were revered as real war machines and very often shook the battlefields. In the 18th - 19th centuries, the British army used elephants to transport artillery in remote places. Elephants remained in the Indian army until 1895.
   During World War II, China and Japan very often used elephants to build and rebuild bridges and roads in the jungle of Burma. Even during the Vietnam War, rebels often used elephants to deliver supplies and weapons to the northern regions of the country. Quite often, such convoys became the prey of American fighters.

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