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Description Twitch/ Bits Cheers/ Fast Delivery/ PayPal ✅

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Good day! Welcome!

Bits is a virtual product that is available for purchase on Twitch. You can use it to support streamers and highlight your message in the chat using animated emoticons. You can also earn badges, get to the top of the rating, or attract the attention of the streamer and thus get recognition.

IMPORTANT: in order to get the product, you must have a companion or partner program enabled.

Accrual is available in parts, as well as at any time convenient for You! We are in touch almost always 24/7, which ensures the delivery time of your order in the shortest possible time! This usually takes from 5 minutes to 72 hours. The average delivery time is up to 12 hours.

ATTENTION: The seller is not responsible for the possible consequences (blocking, debiting,closing the channel, etc.) for the Twitch account you specified.
All risks and problems are borne by the buyer after the order is completed. The buyer agrees not to have any claims if their account receives any restrictions from the Twitch organization.

Additional information

Terms of purchase and delivery:
1. After purchase, please contact us in any convenient way for You.
2. please provide us with the 16-digit code that you received after purchase. After that, we will complete Your order in the shortest possible time.
3. Great news! Now we accept payment via PayPal for more information, write to us in the chat.

IMPORTANT: If the sender of Bits is not displayed in the chat after crediting, it means that the donation was Anonymous.
To see the Deposit, go to the "control Panel" - > "Analytics" - > "Channel" - > " what is my income?"
Or view the receipt of funds on the chart above.

If you still have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer And help you!

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