The method of Chinese wrestling

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Description The method of Chinese wrestling

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The Method of Chinese Wrestling was written by Tong Zhongyi and was first
published in January 1935 by the Chinese Wrestling Association publishers.
The contents of the book include forewords by Chen Jiaxuan, Jin Yiming,
Tang Hao, Xu Zhiyi, and the author, a group photograph, portraits of
the author and assistant authors, important points of study, the history of
Chinese wrestling, and the method of practice. The method of practice is
divided into two parts: Part One deals with basic training and Part Two
shows practical applications of techniques. Part One is further divided into
free hand training methods and training with equipment. Part Two includes
illustrated explanations of the throwing techniques. The contents of the
appendix include explanations of competitive throwing, grips, methods of
breaking falls, rules of competition, and how to make a uniform.

Early on, there was very little printed material on Chinese wrestling. This
work's pictures are clear and the text is simple and easy to understand. This
book provides a valuable and rare opportunity to see famous practitioners

Additional information

Author: Tong Shongui
Year of publication: 1938
Number of pages: 235
Format: pdf
Language: English

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