Strikes against the body in the box

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Description Strikes against the body in the box

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Many boxers, as seen from competitions of any level and direction, mostly prefer to strike exclusively at the head, completely ignoring the attacks on the enemy's corps. Nevertheless, many top boxers know what benefit can bring an accurate and unexpected blow to the hull. A strong and well-placed strike at the right time and with the right force will be no less effective than a blow to the head, at the same time. the head has greater mobility than the hull and, therefore, it is relatively more difficult to get into. In this film, you will learn the main areas of the direction of hits on the body, as well as combinations of punches and transitions from one level of attack to another.

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Name: Body Punches
Author: Rus Anber
Format: SATRip
Size: 290 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language
Year of Publication: 2009

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