Street fight. Counsels from the Baduke

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Description Street fight. Counsels from the Baduke

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Before you - another portion of always very practical advice from a true professional, Sergei Badyuk. In this video lesson, he presents his advice on how to behave in a situation where you need to protect yourself on the street. These tips will help avoid a street fight (which should always be kept in mind), and if it is inevitable, act adequately to protect themselves, friends, family. Street fight - a thing very fleeting and, as a rule, hardly there you can have time to apply your entire arsenal of knowledge. Act, as a rule, have to be fast and tough - and this will help you to truly refractory advice this real fighter!

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Title: Street Fight. Counsels from the Baduke
Author: Sergey Badyuk
Format: SATRip
Size: 677 mb.
Quality: Excellent
Russian language
Year: 2014

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