Remove sanctions from STEAM account + All games -50%

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Description Remove sanctions from STEAM account + All games -50%

  • Uploaded: 20.07.2022 20:15:48
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I remove the sanctions in STEAM, open all the games from the store and open you the opportunity to easily refill your account without loss of commission. What are the pros:
🟢 Opening the entire assortment of the store
🟢 Easy recharge from QIWI, WEBMONEY or foreign bank cards
🟢 Games are 2x cheaper (see screenshots)
🟢 You don't give a penny commission to third party services anymore!
It's better than topping up steam with just tenge and converting rubles, losing on commission. By this method you do not lose money, and you can use games in all CIS countries (including Russia, Belarus, etc.).
For example NO MAN SKY in the Russian Federation costs 1000 rubles, converted into rubles from the tenge 600 rubles. You can check the official exchange rate!
I carry out the entire process live with you on the audio link. Turn, who wants to play games legally!
After a successful transaction, please do not forget to leave a review.
Play good games!

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