Pain Points - Robert Bussy

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Description Pain Points - Robert Bussy

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Pay attention to one very interesting video-manual from Robert Bussy - specialist in martial arts - "Pain Points" (Pain Points - Robet Bussy). The film is a find for any athlete, regardless of style and direction. The techniques demonstrated in this technique are simple and straightforward, quite a few elaborate techniques - except in title screenshots to video. Technically, it is more likely to be attributed to the American kempo-karate, although a sophisticated user will certainly find here a lot of elements from the most different types of martial arts. Although Bussy himself calls his technique that DimMak, then Ninjutsu - after all, it's worth evaluating it based on your own experience.

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Title: Pain Points - Robert Bussy
Author: Robert Bussy
Format: SATRip
Size: 315 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language
Year of Publication: 2010

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