Online Course "Big Income Marathon"

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Description Online Course "Big Income Marathon"

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Using scientific psychological techniques without involving esoterics, you will set yourself up for a constant increase in income and well-being. Understanding the laws of life and money will lead you to an inevitable increase in income.

1. You will diagnose your money behavior and realize what prevents you from earning really big money

2. You will learn the most important law of nature, which will bring money into your life and get an exercise to implement it.

3. You will determine your money scenario and find out if you need to change it and how to do it

4. You will find out why you are afraid of money, and even if they come to you, then you quickly lose them and you can’t save

5. You will find out where your debts come from, and also make a powerful practice that helps to break a painful relationship with banks, with creditors, as well as with those who owe you money and do not return them

6. You will find out which resource state is primary for the influx of money into your life and with the help of special practice you can FEEL and anchor it.

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