Occupation writer. Secrets of the Master.

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Description Occupation writer. Secrets of the Master.

Occupation writer is included in the top 30 most profitable and prestigious professions in the US over the next ten years.

Occupation writer attracts many. Secretly, everyone considers himself able to create a masterpiece, famous and earn a lot of money. In fact, we are worse than JK Rowling with her Harry Potter?

In the package you will find answers to questions about how to write a book in the future to publish a book, a description of literary devices, aspects of a contract with the publishing house, and much more!

Additional information

The package we have tried to uncover the basic techniques and secrets of creative writing. The mass of examples and practical exercises will carefully consider each chapter. You'll find the answers to questions such as:

* How to start work

* The main components of the novel

* What is the genre and form of the product

* Fundamentals of the exciting story

* How to create your own unique character

* Components fruitful writer

* How to publish a book

* Aspects of the conclusion of the contract with the publishing house

* Copyright protection

* How to make yourself known

And much more, so that the interested novice writer. The course includes a variety of tools, including various handbooks and other useful applications. If you have tried to write a book, but something prevented you know - you do not have enough knowledge and information. If you still have written a book, but could not publish it, you know - the reason is the same. Our research in the field of literary creation will help you compensate for a lack of data.

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