Notes entertainer. Scripts anniversaries. Collection.

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Description Notes entertainer. Scripts anniversaries. Collection.

Notes entertainer. Scripts anniversary: \u200b\u200belectronic collection

You do not know how to arrange a holiday?

"Notes entertainer. Scripts anniversary: \u200b\u200ban electronic book" - that's the ideal and quick solution!

Print and cheerful hero of the day and guests!

All scenarios in the format MS Word - easy to edit, easy to print!

The collection includes 7 scripting festive anniversary evening.

Among these scenarios 45 anniversary, 50th anniversary, 65th anniversary and the 70th anniversary.

It offers fun games, contests, theater performances, comic auctions and sweepstakes!

There are scripts designed for men, there are scenarios designed for women.

The scenarios include instructions - what to buy as prizes for games, how to prepare for the anniversary of what to prepare props.

As a bonus to the electronic collection includes applications with ready-made cards for contests and lotteries, with comic certificates, texts for postcards, songs, rework - can only print.

This collection - a real 3-year-old experience of the young amateur entertainers.

All scenarios tested in practice.

Something has been found in the Internet, something - invented himself.

You are free to try to collect this information, but be warned - it will take weeks ...

And what if the anniversary three days later?

Acquires a "Scenarios for the anniversary: \u200b\u200bthe electronic collection of" combining, change their names, and celebrate!

Materials of the collection is more than enough for all the anniversary of your loved ones, friends and colleagues!

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