Muay Boran Crushing Elbow Strikes

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Description Muay Boran Crushing Elbow Strikes

  • Uploaded: 22.12.2021 13:26:22
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A dynamic and highly informative instructional video on Muay Boran elbow striking technique. The film will be useful not only for fans of this tough single combat, but also for all fans of contact sports, including boxers and kickboxers, who use similar techniques in their arsenal.
The proposed system makes it possible to organically link typically "boxing" punches with elbows. All this allows the use of striking techniques with the hands in a rather aggressive manner, which will allow you to quickly suppress the enemy, which is especially effective for quick and unexpected maneuvers.

Additional Information:
Title: devastating elbow blows of muay thay
Author: team of authors
Format: SATRip
Size: 560 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language

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