Matsubayashi karate-Jutsu

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Description Matsubayashi karate-Jutsu

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Look at this delightful film about Matsubayashi-karate from one of the descendants of the clan line, Takaeshi Nagamine! Your opinion about karate will change forever. Familiar to all karatekas, kata are represented in the form they were created in Okinawa. You will not see here high kicks with your feet, jumps and generally any spectacular technique. Anything that Nagamine shows can be performed by any newcomer - but none of the newcomers will want to fall under such a hard blow with his hand or a slashing block. The technique used in the Karate environment is shown so realistically, as it is not usual for our former perception - simple movements known to all acquire deadly power, strength and grace in the true interpretation. This video can be safely recommended to all karate followers. Know-true karate looks like this!

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Title: Matsubayashi karate-Jutsu
Author: Takaeshi Nagamine
Format: DVDRip
The size: 580
Quality: Excellent
English language

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