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What a pity that not all of these books are preserved in the script and how great that we can now, after more than half a century, to read them again at least in electronic form!
The book "Guide to Judo" almost for 52 years. In the distant 50s judo was still "mystical martial arts," the East, but about karate in the world and never heard, except the most die-hard fight fans.
Of course, from the point of view of modern book is more a rarity than a direct guide to action. There are also more bulky and more practical guidance. It is interesting to see how judo was seen by more than half a century ago, how to treat these or other techniques.
Oddly, but in the old textbooks sometimes get to see something unfamiliar. It is not surprising - after all judo, as well as any other martial art is constantly evolving and today's judo likely differs substantially from the judo Kano era where there was more space rolls feet and shock-atemi ...
With regard to this book, here you will find a standard set of techniques inherent, perhaps all times. There are a number of things, which are now not practice or little: throwing from his knees, choking during a fight (very practical section, by the way), traumatic throws punches well and, oddly for a modern judo. It blows + rate skill resourcefulness, agility distinguished former judo from the modern, where by "Ju" (gentleness) remains, alas, only the name, but it is all about pressure and brute force. so the book will appeal to all those who seek and still finds the most different facets of the world of martial arts.

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