Kontr.rabota.Otsenka Art - minute enterprise (business) Bilet4

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Description Kontr.rabota.Otsenka Art - minute enterprise (business) Bilet4

"Valuation of Enterprise (Business)"

Ticket number 4

1.Rasschitat current residual value of the business. Cash flow forecast last year - 1900 CU, steady growth - 3%, the duration of the forecast period - 5 years, 14% discount rate.

2.Rasschitat discount rate for real cash flow. The risk-free nominal yield - 16%, the actual average market - 17%, inflation - 11% per year, the beta coefficient - 0.8.

3.Otsenit business DCF method. Cash flow occurs at the beginning of the year and is as follows: 1 year 1350gys. USD., 2 year- 1500tys. USD., in 1800 year to 3 thousand. USD., steady growth - 3%, the yield of OFZ RF - 7%, the yield of eurobonds - 8%, the total risk premium -9%.

4.Otsenit business by net assets.

These last balance: real estate - 1000 CU equipment - 2000d.e., Inventories - 800 AE .. receivables - 600 CU, cash -500 CU-term commitments - 1500 CU current liabilities - 1 100 CU According to the appraiser, the market value of the property - 1800 CU, equipment - 1700 CU, 75% of stocks is out of date and may be sold and 40% of book value, 25% of accounts receivable will not be collected.

5.Otsenit business comparative approach. Industry multiplier "price / cash flow before tax and%" - 14. Data on the evaluated company: revenue - 2500 CU, the costs - 800 AE .. moreover, depreciation - CU400, the amount of interest for Credit - 140 CU, the income tax rate - 20%.

6. What method is used in the evaluation of bankrupt companies?

7.Diversifikatsiya reduces the total risk taken by investors, taking a concrete decision. Which of the following components of the overall risk can be mitigated by appropriate diversification?

8.Pri calculation of price multiples in the comparative approach used data:

9. For the actual cash flow nominal discount rate:

10.Protsentnaya rate, which is used to bring the expected future cash flows to present value is called:

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