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Verification work on discipline "Taxes and taxation"

The control provides answers to 9 specifying the following sections of the course:

See "Property Tax"


Table 1 provides a list of the property according to accounting data of one organization. Carefully read the table and spread her listed in the fixed assets of two groups: 1.imuschestvo that is taxed; 2.imuschestvo, which is not taxed.

The results appears in the appropriate table.


Calculate the average annual value of fixed assets and the sum of the amount of tax on the property in 2011. Then calculate how much tax the organization must pay to the budget for the tax period, if we consider that during the year, etc.

Section "Value Added Tax"


Calculate the amount of VAT that an organization must pay to the budget for the tax period (quarter).


You are offered a list of goods and services (see. The raw data). You should choose from it only those goods and services, the implementation of which is taxed at a rate of 10%.

Section "Corporate Profit Tax"


The table (see. The raw data) lists the property. Carefully read the information in the table and spread her property listed in two groups:

1.imuschestvo, which is subject to depreciation;

2.imuschestvo, which is not subject to amortization. The results are tabulated, placed in the job under the corresponding number in the "Resolution of tasks for the discipline" Taxes and taxation "."


Make a calculation of the tax base and the sum of the amount of corporate income tax. For this you need, etc.


The table (see. The raw data) provides a list of the costs of the organization. You have to classify them into two groups: 1. The costs taken into account when determining the tax base for income tax; 2. The costs are not taken into account in determining, etc.

See "Income Tax individuals"


Calculate the wages to employees of "cold" for March 2012


Determine the rate at which an organization must keep the personal income tax to a particular type of income received by the employee.

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