Judo for the West

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Description Judo for the West

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Here is a book which breaks entirely new ground in judo teaching. It outlines contemporary theories of learning, class teaching technique, and shows how the various theories and principles can be built into a simple but effective method of introducing novices to judo. Another chapter is devoted to how such introductory methods can be moulded into an intermediate judo skill. Lastly, Japanese terminology is explained in a completely new way, which will be of great interest to both old and new judo players.
The author has evolved this approach to the teaching of judo over the last few years in his capacity as National Coach to the British Judo Association. Compared with the traditional methods of judo teaching, it is quite revolutionary, even though its intrinsic principles are accepted in educational circles. The results of the new method have been impressive skill has been acquired

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Author: J. Gleason
Year of publication: 1967
Number of pages: 113
Size: 20 MB
Format: pdf
Quality: Good

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