Joy Alwarado Kettlebell System

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Description Joy Alwarado Kettlebell System

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"The Joey Alvarado System" for the training of fighters of mixed styles is known far beyond the United States. It is practiced in Europe, Hong Kong, China, India - and everywhere the result is phenomenal. What is the reason? As you know, one of the most important components in the preparation of fighters-martial artists - fiz.podgotovka. It is this factor that often turns out to be decisive with the equal technique of fighters. Strength, endurance, flexibility, the ability to withstand hyper-loads - all this is necessary for every professional fighter.
Develop this quality will help you film this professional instructor, in the past champion in fights without rules. The uniqueness of the method lies in the combination of physical loads due to weights and subsequent high-dynamic exercises on speed and endurance.

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Title: Joy Alwarado Kettlebell System
Author: Joy Alvarado
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The size: 990 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language
Year of Publication: 2013

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