IPO test. Valuation of CDPF, 23 Ticket

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Description IPO test. Valuation of CDPF, 23 Ticket

Ticket number 23

"Valuation of financial institutions"

1. Types of cash flows used in evaluating the commercial bank, the algorithm for their calculation

2.1. The financial model of evaluation of assets and liabilities of commercial banks

2. 2. GEO - it

2.3. Net interest margin is defined as:

2.4. The spread is calculated as the profit

2.5. The ability to take into account the effect of the transfer prices on the value of the bank may be at

3.1. "Commercial Bank" Moscow "has the following characteristics: total assets of 1.69 billion. USD., The share capital of 139 million. USD., ROA 0,0076. What is the level indicator ROE?

3.2. evaluate commercial bank, whose currency reserves are $ 120, $ 933 loans, deposits of $ 1000, the share capital of $ 53. In addition, it is known that it receives on loans 12%, and 5% deposit paid. The possible cost of funds (MoneyRate) 8%, beta of 1.29, the risk premium of 5.4%, the rate on 10-year bonds to 5.8%.

3.3. Determine the number of shares to be issue-absorbing bank for completing the merger transaction, if known; that prior to the merger the absorbing Bank A had a current stock price of $ 20, the income per share of $ 5, the total amount of 100 thousand shares. shares, declared a profit of $ 500 thousand .; absorbed by Bank B respectively $ 16, $ 5, 50 thous., to 250 thousand.

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