IPO exam. The practice of valuation of real estate

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Description IPO exam. The practice of valuation of real estate

Tests and tasks

1. What approach to the assessment of real estate based on the principle of economic expectations:

2. What of the following is most true in the case of direct capitalization:

3.Kvartira worth 200,000 thousand. Rub. bought on the installment plan. Calculate the annual installment to repay the debt if the interest rate of 10%, and it is necessary to pay off the debt in the last 7 years in equal installments.

4.Koeffitsient capitalization of buildings is the sum of the rates of return on investment and rate of return of capital.

5.Obekt estate, bringing net operating income to $ 30,000. It was valued at US $ 350,000. To determine the capitalization rate:

6.Opredelite present value of the next cash flow, if the discount rate - 10% (the funds arrive at the end of the year)

1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year

1,200 1,000 2,000 4,000 -500

7. As calculated gross rental multiplier?

8. How should the amount to deposit to 3 years to buy property for 15,000 thousand. Rub., If a bank charges a monthly%, the annual rate is 24%?

9. How will the overall% of capitalization, if known:

The required equity ratio to 30%.

The interest rate on the loan, 12.5%.

Credit - 25 years with monthly accumulation.

The rate of return on equity of 5%.

10.Opredelit% amount accrued on the contributions of 2,500 thousand. Rub., If the deposit period of 3 years, the rate - 24%, interest is charged on a quarterly basis:

11.Faktor present value of an annuity advance occurring 7 times, at a discount rate of 11% is equal to:

12.Pri steady flow of income is the main method of assessment:

13.Chisty income from the property in the past year amounted to $ 75,000. Calculate the value of the object based on the following data objects:

Object Price (US $). The annual net income (USD). Gross

And over the past year 450,000 60,000

In the past year 65,000 12,000

With 320,000 over the past year 55,000

D 530000 Over the past year 80,000

E 510,000 projected for next year 70000

F 470000 projected for next year 73000

14. Estimated object is in the Southern District. Comparable analogue sold recently, is in the center (the best), and the district is 4000 dollars. The evaluator has the following data on comparable sales:

Comparable sales

1. 2. 3.

Property price 1800 1600 7200

Time sales recently two years ago recently

South Central District Southern

15.Po conditions of bank monthly payments on a mortgage loan up to $ 2000. The loan for 7 years to 16%. Own funds of the investor for this project is 200 000. To determine the purchase price (the price) of the property.

16. What of the following is not included in the definition of investment value:

17.Opredelit average gross rental multiplier (GRM) for the one-bedroom apartments:

Sale Price Pot. Val. Income

Apartment A 30 000 2400

Flat 35 000 3000

Apartment With 40,000 3600

18.Posle selection of information on residential cottages assessor received the following information: the cottage is estimated similarly object was sold $ 248,000, and the same, but without a pool for $ 230,000. The cost of building the pool is $ 16,000, the profit developer - 13%. Determine the amount of the adjustment for the presence of the pool.

19.If compare items of land analogue superior quality element estimated land, the amendment introduced:

20.Opredelite the total accumulated depreciation (% of depreciation) of the property, based on the following data:

• object sold for 100,000;

• based on an analysis of sales of land plot has an estimated value of 25,000;

• cost-benefit analysis shows that the cost of reproduction of the building is 95000.

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