IPO Control rabota.Tsenoobrazovanie construction

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Description IPO Control rabota.Tsenoobrazovanie construction

1. To determine the replacement cost for the project "Building Workshop" on the basis of data on the types of objects from the collection of analogue UPVS:

- № collection UPVS: 18;

- № table 7;

- Units of measurement: cubic meter;

- Unit price in 1969 prices .: 14.4;

- The number of units for the estimated object: 850.

- Correction factor for climatic region: 0.94;

- Conversion factor prices 1969 prices on the valuation date: 59.4;

- Gain an entrepreneur: 25%;

- The rate of value added tax: 18%.

2. Determine the amount of the replacement value of the model object - 1-storey commercial building, a building which amounts to 1,000 cubic meters, located in the city of Volgograd - prices in 1969 to carry out calculation based on the information collections UPVS.

3.Putem interpolation determine the recoverable value of 1 cubic meter estimated object, a building which amounts to 6,700 cubic meters, in 1969 prices, it is known the value of a unit volume of typical peers:

4.Opredelite replacement cost of the building as of February 2003 (valuation date), if the result of calculation of collections UPVS 10 000 000 rub. The transition from the base price 01/01/1969 to the price level to the desired date of conduct on the basis of the newsletter "Co-Invest"

01/01/1969 Price Index relative to the base year (01.01.2000) for the construction and installation work for the Volgograd region: 0.04714 ("Price indices in construction", Issue 43. Construction and installation work. Common regional indices).

A similar index for February 2003 (with respect to 01.01.2000): 1,851.

5.Opredelite value of the building, if there is information on the cost components of its structural elements:

Foundation 9% 360000

Walls and partitions 12% 480,000

Covering 29% 1160000

The roof is 12% 480,000

The floors, openings, finishing 34% 1360000

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