Increase the speed of impact

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Description Increase the speed of impact

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Many athletes in their practice are wondering how to apply a 100% knockout knock. On the one hand, it is a strong blow, on the other hand, it is necessary to be able to strike such a blow in time. And if you need the right technique and physical strength to strike a strong blow, then in order to beat on time, you need to be able to see the holes in the opponent's defense. But this is not all. Knockout punch is the point of any fight - sports or real - and you need to have in addition to strength also a special technicality, without which the force will be ineffective. In this film, you will learn what exercises you need to use to earn strong strokes, how to combine strength and maneuverability, and also to maintain stamina and work with a series of strokes.

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Author: Sergei Sinizin
Format: DVDRip
The size: 300 mb.
Quality: Excellent
Russian language
Year of Publication: 2013

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