Herbal treatment in the martial arts

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Description Herbal treatment in the martial arts

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Healing herbs have long been a strong tradition in martial arts. Most martial artists know this legacy; some famous masters was fortunate to learn from teachers who understand and can teach traditional Chinese formula, the use of herbs for the treatment of grass. In this book you will find the study of the basic herbal medicines that are readily available in the West - sixty-four grass, common in Europe and North America. Each plant is tested for efficacy, safety, and how to specifically use to improve the martial arts and contact sports. Readers will be able to choose the most appropriate to their situation, herbs, understanding how to prepare the grass for use, and how to safely do so. This book will be one of the books in your library, sports!

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Title: The use of Western herbs in martial arts and contact sports
Author: Lin Peterson
Format: PDF
Size: 101 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language
Year: 2014

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