Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10 or 25 ppl

If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:
- 40438 ₽ the discount is 5%
- 20219 ₽ the discount is 4%
- 8088 ₽ the discount is 3%
- 4044 ₽ the discount is 2%
- 81 ₽ the discount is 1%

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"If you have any questions – please use skype, icq or live-chat to connect with me. I will answer all your questions!

• Choose your payment method and pay;
• After payment you will get the unique code. Copy this code and give it to the seller;
• We need to get access to your world of warcraft account. We guarantee the safety of property of your account! We will use your character only for completion your order;
• Link armory please and tell login and password. Be ready to tell the authorization code from email or phone or authenticator code.
• We inform you when your order will be completed.
Lead time: 2 CD - 2 days in 2 weeks. 3 hours raid in each week

Ask me please if you have any questions!
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