Final exam RFEI Microeconomics 100 questions

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Description Final exam RFEI Microeconomics 100 questions

Final exam RFEI "Microeconomics" 100 questions.

Answers to 100 questions in a table.

A separate file containing all the questions.

Questions for comparison:

1. The fundamental problem faced by all economies - is:

a) investments in securities;

b) the range of goods and services;

c) limited economic resources.

2. Refers to economic resources Money:

a) can, if they are used to purchase capital resources;

b) may, if they are paid labor;

c) it is impossible, because money is funding.

3. The opportunity cost of a new stadium - is:

a) the price of other goods and services whose production is sacrificed to the construction of this stadium;

b) the price of the construction of the stadium in the coming year;

c) changes in the real rate of tax, which is paid from the proceeds of the stadium.


99. Transfer payments - is:

a) payments from government to individuals;

b) a form of wages;

c) payments in the current period with one-sided.

100. The decrease in the degree of inequality in income distribution impact on the Lorenz curve:

a) moving up the curve of the actual distribution;

b) the movement of the actual distribution curve down;

c) the approach curve to the actual distribution of the bisector.

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