Fight on the ground / Fighting From the back

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Description Fight on the ground / Fighting From the back

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Jeff Thompson, a renowned expert on the real fighting, MMA, grappling (and author of many books and videos on the same theme) offers his view of the practice of preparing for battle on the ground. The bulk of the recommendations are based on well-known to many fighters practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, however, with a number of interesting findings and practical solutions. So, Jeff Thompson advises to practice well-known major blows from the position lying on the back, as well as the active use of locks on the hands and fingers of the enemy in combination with kicks. The book can be recommended to all athletes, practicing self-defense in all its aspects, as well as fighters kontaktnikam, it is no secret that it is often a large part of the mixed rules bout is being held on the ground.

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