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Description ElectricaNW

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ElectricaNW program is designed for computer-aided design of power supply power equipment and internal lighting industrial and civil construction projects, as well as for the analysis of the existing electrical network.

Construction of the electrical network starts with the main switchboard, which connects the power supply. Main distribution device may have one or two inputs. Of the group of panels can form a complete dispenser.

Power-consuming equipment are classified into two types, lighting equipment and technological equipment.

Technological equipment given technology and the type of loads are divided into equipment having in its composition induction motor, the heat load and a complex load. All equipment is grouped by a characteristic homogeneous categories of power consumers

When calculating the electrical load by the method SP31-110-2003, demand factor is set automatically from the built-in database tables, the calculation by the method of RTM, utilization and group power factor (Cos φ) are defined by reference data. For input factors is the built-in "database utilization rates" built in accordance with the technical circular VNIPI Tyazhpromelektroproekt №358-90 of 1 August 1990 M788-1068 code. Database of equipment is a database file format MS Access (file extension .mdb). The possibility of connecting alternately any number of databases. Users can create any number of databases of new producers. Ability to import equipment from other databases. When working with a project making it the equipment is automatically downloads the selected equipment to the project database. All databases are located in «Base», if you are connecting base is located in this directory, it creates a copy of the database, which is copied to the folder «Base».

All output documents are automatically created using the program Microsoft Office Word.

The program allows to solve the following problems:

1 calculation method of internal lighting demand factor;

2 calculation of electrical loads socket network;

3 calculation of electrical loads of technological equipment;

4 calculation of electrical loads input in public and residential buildings;

5 calculation of electrical loads according to the methods of RTM, SP31-110-2003;

6 current account 1, 3-phase short-circuit;

7 loss calculation voltage;

8 test electrical networks under the terms of starting and self-starting motor.

As a result of ElectricaNW in the output is the following list of design documents:

1 table calculating electrical loads according to the procedure SP31-110-92;

2 table calculating electrical loads according to the procedure RTM36.18.32.4-92 (Form F636-92);

3 resulting load calculation for transformer station and a choice of power transformers (Form F202-90).

4 specification;

5 cable Journal;

6 basic circuits boards;

7 a schematic diagram of the electrical network.

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