Duellatorum - a treatise on western martial arts

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Description Duellatorum - a treatise on western martial arts

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Flos Duellatorum ("The Flower of Battle", Pisani Dossi MS) is a contemporary copy of an Italian fencing manual authored by Fiore de'i Liberi and dated 10 February 1409. The original was long believed to have been lost during World War II, but it is now known that it remained in the collection of the Pisani Dossi family and is currently housed in the Museo archeologico Villa Pisani Dossi in Corbetta, Italy. Novati described the Pisani Dossi MS as an unbound collection of leaves, covered in a cardboard

Additional information

Fiore de Liberi
Flos Duellatorum
"Flower of Battles" (1410)
Format: pdf
Number of pages: 69
Language: Italian

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