Dogfight soldiers Abwehr

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Description Dogfight soldiers Abwehr

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Before you - a great and very practical example of how to teach a close fight in the armies of the past century, in particular, Avery German World War II. Discarding all the inherent feeling for the German symbolism and form, it is worth noting that the book Stilles Toten ("Silent Kill") is actually quite applicable to any time. It is no secret that Germany and Japan were at the time of the war in the closest alliance relationships - hence the almost complete dominance of judo techniques in the arsenal of the system. Without using a single throw, relying only on the most simple and effective methods, the authors were able to make quite suitable for fleeting bout relatively small and simple combat system, whose main goal was to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible.

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Title: Close Combat for Abwehr | Stillen Toten
Author: Group of authors
Publisher: Swedish Society researchers army battle
Year: 1943/2014
Pages: 60
Format: pdf
Good quality
Language: German

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