Coupon World of Warships – Commander Bundle

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Description Coupon World of Warships – Commander Bundle

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After payment, you are guaranteed to receive a coupon-link to the World of Warships website where you can receive your bonus after registration.

⭐ Tier 3 Soviet cruiser Bogatyr
⭐ Tier 4 American cruiser Phoenix
⭐ Commander with 6 skill points
⭐ 14 days of Warships premium account
⭐ 1 million credits
⭐ Port slot
⭐ 3x In the service of the Motherland containers
⭐ 3x American Cruisers containers
⭐ 10x Victory camouflage

Promotion valid for new players only! You can claim this award until 01/01/2023.

Additional information

To receive the reward, you must:
- after purchasing the product, follow the bonus link;
- registration (creation of a new account);
- install the game on your computer;
- log in to the game under the created account.

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