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Description Commercial promotion FaceBook

For whom. Anyone who does not want to prodolbit their budgets in the first day to throw and "experts" of all kinds. The solution for those who thoughtfully invests in its development. Suitable for both beginners and those who believes that it is not a beginner. Reviews will be on, but I can say that the material is valuable even if the fact that the practical chain composed sufficient detail painted and the most common errors, how to avoid them.

What is useful. Structure, detail, light human language narration. Who has ever talked to me, she knows that I do not like and do not like abstruse dangling thoughts. But very much clear and understandable logic chain. Carefully read the material - will be able to intelligently create and manage projects one by one. The product series "mast hev 'every prodvizhentsev Vkontakte.

What is the job. 51,000 characters of text, printskrin for better understanding. Detailed instructions for those who decide to promote commercial community in the VC. Everything. Starting from the fact whether it is necessary to promote general and finishing techniques as you can gracefully can throw and where.

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