Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (steam cd-key RU)

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Description Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (steam cd-key RU)

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For regular customers are cumulative discounts up to 10%

Dear customers, we kindly ask you to carefully read the following information before making a purchase:

* availability of goods in the store;
* compliance with the characteristics of your PC with the minimum system requirements of the game;
* payment features, activation method and key activation region

You acquire a licensed product. We guarantee the performance of the key to 100%. In the event that you still have a problem with the activation of the product, please contact the seller first and wait for an answer. We will answer you as soon as possible and solve your problem. When contacting, please prepare the following information:
1. Video recording, from the moment of purchase until the activation of the key (inclusive).
2. Screenshots of the key activation attempt and screenshots of the list of games on your account (purchased goods should not be present in the list of games of your library)
3. Other information confirming the impossibility of product activation

Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Developer: MercurySteam
Release date: February 25, 2014
Genre: Action, Adventure
Activation: Steam (Russia)
Platform: Windows
English language
Age: 18+

Waking up after centuries of oblivion, In an effort to throw off his shackles of immortality, Dracula must regain his strength And conclude an agreement with death, In order to kill Satan and receive eternal rest. An epic adventure in the style of fantasy, taking place in the vast modern world. For the first time in the Castlevania series, play as Dracula and discover the final fate of the Lord of the Shadows.

Minimum system requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
Video card: with 512 MB of video memory
DirectX (R): 9.0c
Hard disk: 10 GB

Additional information

Free camera In the new series, it moves easily, without sticking, and is able to give a full picture of what is happening on the battlefield.

Bleeding. The development system of the hero has become noticeably more flexible, which allowed him to focus not only on the study of combat techniques and pumping lives, but also to improve the style he liked That is, the more often you will use the same weapon and regularly pump it, the more skillfully you will master it.

Fighting The absence of battle battles is more than offset by two or three enemies. To cope with them, have to sweat. Just shoot them or dismember the bloodbath will not succeed, so look for more original ways to destroy.

The abundance of enemies. The number of bosses in the new series is simply transcendental, and each creature encountered is unique. But not only they need to pay special attention. Sometimes ordinary opponents with a light level, gathered in a group, can pall so that you do not have time to carry off your legs. In general, do not relax!

Infinitely studied world. Now you can explore the previously inaccessible corners of locations as much as you like. As you move forward, the player will gain specific abilities to overcome barriers and obstacles leading to restricted areas.

Excellent graphics. This quality of drawing landscapes and backgrounds in slashers is rarely seen, so if possible, do not miss the chance to admire the beauty of Belmont Castle, the surroundings of a futuristic town and other delights of the surrounding hell.

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