Call of duty Modern Warfare 2022 | PC 48h|

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Description Call of duty Modern Warfare 2022 | PC 48h|

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​CoD MW 2022 rental for PC for 2 days or more

The advantage of renting this game for a period of 2 days or more is that you have the opportunity to try the game in the story and online, and if you liked it, but you did not have time to complete it or wanted to continue the game, you can extend period for a few more days or on a permanent basis, after contacting us.

Time is counted after the game is loaded and must be confirmed by the user, the download speed depends on the internet speed, the story lasts 5-6 hours relative to the difficulty for this particular game. After making a purchase, you will receive step-by-step installation instructions with your account.

​This account allows you to play with other consoles together. The game is only supported with an internet connection, so there will never be a hack.

You can contact us after the purchase via chat, WhatsApp or Telegram, with questions, necessary steps and advice after the sale.


🔴It is forbidden to change any data in the account and use cheats.
⭐️Allowed to play online with friends and even in playkey cloud or Geforce Now.


✅Log in to your account
✅Download CoD MW 2022 (together with Warzone 2.0)


​❗ Language Russian, English and others. Also see Call of duty Modern Warfare 2022 system requirements on the official Blizard website.❗

Additional information

For a positive comment, we always give a bonus in the form of a discount card or extra game time.

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