British frigeate vs French Frigate

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Description British frigeate vs French Frigate

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Commanding a frigate, whether British or French, was a nice thing. The frigate teams received the highest awards. These ships, fast and well-armed, could defeat any enemy that could be overtaken. And thanks to its rapid course, anyone who could not be killed was overtaken. It was rare when frigates were tied to battle sites. Like the eyes of the fleet, they tracked down the enemy wherever they could. In addition to war, frigates were successfully used in commerce. They could transport goods, escort cargo ships, protecting them from the gangs of pirates and other warships. At times, they were given diplomatic missions or all kinds of expeditions to remote corners of the globe.
Only an independent captain could command a frigate — the privilege of a naval officer at that time was quite high. Even when the frigates united to conduct combat operations in detachments of six to eight ships, it was believed that each captain would act only at his own discretion, without waiting for instructions from the flagship. Moreover, frigates were always lacking in the naval service. Quite often, they were sent on expeditions as the main flagship of several smaller ships.
One way or another, but the captains of frigates often acted independently even in the conditions of large-scale sea battles. In the period from 1793 to 1814 there were not so many such battles, and after 1806 they completely faded away. Frigates were used in battles often enough. Sometimes they only needed one or two shots to convince the crew of the merchant ship to surrender. However, more often they had to fight with experienced pirates or compete in duels with similar enemy ships.

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