Administrative law practice with answers ch.2,10v

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Administrative law. Practical, 10 jobs.

Task 1.

Is it possible to impose a fine for ticketless travel on the bus boy of 12 years who travels from school without parents? Is it possible to fine the parents of the boy if he goes along with them, and without a ticket?

Task 2.

At 23 o'clock the drunken hooligan D. was taken to a local police station. At 10 am, it was drawn up an administrative detention and D. was released. Are the actions of the police officers who had detained D. for more than 3 hours?

Task 3.

Can a police officer fined angler when fishing in this pond is forbidden?

Task 4.

Can the traffic police to stop the car on the track, to search the driver and the car, and found nothing, let the driver back home, not making any documents?

Task 5.

During the thaw on the car roof icicle fell heavily damaged the car. Traffic police officers refused to leave the scene, arguing that falling icicles is not a traffic accident. Are the actions of the traffic police? How the driver can fix the fact of damage to your car?

Task 6.

Can a police officer expelled from Moscow citizen of the Russian Federation for the lack of temporary registration in the capital?

Task 7.

On a family holiday 13letnego Uncle Andrew offered him wine to drink the health of his parents. In response, the boy's father offered his son to drink the health of his uncle. Are the actions of adult relatives Andrei administrative offense? What kind of punishment provided by the Code for the uncle and the father in this case?

Task 8.

You've come to the market to buy tomatoes. On your question about the origin of the tomato seller replied that they were from Krasnodar and veils to you 2 kg of tomatoes, deceiving you at 200 grams. How many administrative offenses committed in this case, the seller, if the documents were grown tomatoes in the suburban sector, the seller has not been registered in accordance with the law as a subject of entrepreneurial activity?

Task 9.

You park your car in the parking lot with the word "only / for employees of the bank." Can a security guard of the bank to fine you for parking?

Task 10.

5 July 2002 because of violation of traffic rules by the driver M. was a traffic accident. Initially, traffic police inspector made a decision about the guilt of the driver M., who drove into the intersection on a red light. A week later the decision was reversed: the traffic police referred to the new Code of Administrative Offences, which granted the right to decide on the guilt of the administrative case only the court. Is it right to the decision on the cancellation of the traffic police in the case of an administrative offense?
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