72 Shaolin training technique

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Description 72 Shaolin training technique

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These curiosities can sometimes be found in the vast boundless ocean of books. Oh, it would seem, and surprise some modern-day reader almost nothing is impossible - and here, look: he granted the Shaolin in our hands, but not a modern replica, and the most that neither is a natural, 1935 edition.
Book Ying Jing Zhong, a renowned expert in Chinese martial arts, was published during this year, and contained quite revolutionary at the time the information on the preparation of the warriors-monks. In her most detailed consideration by 72 (the number of the sacred for Buddhists, as you remember!) Exercises designed to strengthen the body of a novice. Stuffing, strength training, flexibility training and stretching the legs, the development of the hand grip, hardened limbs - what is there just no!
The abundance of a variety of exercises to work through every muscle of the body and affects the question arises: where did it all get done during the training? Do not worry: first, at that time practiced a lot longer than it is now, and secondly, the modern athlete under constant time pressure is enough to choose the most appropriate exercise and to make him a complex.

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