2 part. 101 files of still lifes of the XVI-XIX centuri

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Description 2 part. 101 files of still lifes of the XVI-XIX centuri

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There are 101 files, 11 artists of the XVI-XIX centuries from 1MB to 10MB.
Why are these high-quality files so good?
1) You can print a reproduction on quality paper in exact size

with the original, which improves copy quality many times over.
2) When you enlarge the file, you observe the technique of the master and it becomes clear how he technically

painted the picture
3) the artist can always show his collection to the customer and will not miss the customer, because you already have all the world's still lifes and he has no need

to look for them elsewhere.
You can print print a poster on:
- plain paper at your discretion (offset, coated, flyleaf, etc.)
- watercolor paper (this is optimal in terms of quality and cost -

inexpensive and angry, as many would say)
- canvas (an expensive option, but very nice and rich looking)
- PVC which is not afraid of frost, sun or water (new material for us, I would

take it economy class)
- other types of bases (there are not many options for listing the article)
You can order an artist oil painting on canvas!

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