2 objectives on economic statistics

Task 1. To study the norms of consumption of raw materials held 10% manual sampling, which resulted in the following distribution of products by weight:

Weight, g to 500 500-505 505-510 510-515 Over 515 Total

The number of products, sets 3 11 55 14 17 100

According to the survey, determine: the average weight of the product; the average linear deviation; dispersion; coefficient of variation. With a probability of 0.954 possible limits of the average weight of products for the entire batch of products. With a probability of 0.997 possible limits the share of manufacturing in excess of 515 grams for the entire party products.

Task 2.Fakticheski in Q3 compared with Q1 sales of products decreased by 2.8%. And in the 2nd quarter compared with the 1st quarter sales volume decreased by 1.6%. The implementation plan of production of industrial enterprises of the 3rd quarter including increased sales by 4.2%. Determine the extent of the plan for sales in the 3rd quarter.